October 26, 2017
B&C and Acta Authors Contribute to The Evolving Landscape of TSCA Reform Implementation Published by Bloomberg BNA
Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®) and The Acta Group (Acta®) are pleased to inform our clients and friends of the publication by Bloomberg BNA of EHS Strategies:  The Evolving Landscape of TSCA Reform Implementation, the latest edition of BNA’s quarterly EHS Strategies report.  The report provides a comprehensive analysis of recent Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) developments written by many of the key players in the development, passage, and implementation of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act (Lautenberg). B&C ... read more >
September 22, 2017
Inside EPA Quotes B&C TSCAblogTM in Article Regarding Rejected TSCA Section 21 Fluoride Petition
On September 22, 2017, Inside EPA quoted the post “EPA Denies TSCA Section 21 Petition on Fluoride Chemicals in Drinking Water; Provides Response to Petition,” from Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.’s (B&C®) TSCAblogTM in the article “Suit Over Rejected Fluoride Petition Could Test EPA's Stance On TCSA 'Uses'.” Observers tracking EPA's implementation of the new TSCA law said last spring shortly before the suit was filed that it would provide a test case for the agency's interpretation that petitioners must provide a ... read more >
September 12, 2017
Chemical Watch Quotes Lynn L. Bergeson In Article Regarding B&C’s TSCA New Chemicals Coalition
On September 12, 2017, Chemical Watch quoted Lynn L. Bergeson, President of The Acta Group (Acta®), in the article “US EPA pilots new pre-manufacture notice guidelines.” [T]he law firm Bergeson & Campbell has formed the TSCA New Chemicals Coalition which is intended to give the chemical community greater opportunity to engage with EPA on constructive improvements to the new chemical review process. "About 50 companies so far have expressed interest in joining the coalition," said the firm's managing partner Lynn Bergeson. "One of the key objectives is ... read more >
September 1, 2017
Richard E. Engler, Ph.D., Quoted in Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report Article “Fate of Chemical Makers’ Trade Secrets Rests With EPA”
On September 1, 2017, Richard E. Engler, Ph.D., Senior Chemist with The Acta Group (Acta®), was quoted by Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report regarding how Confidential Business Information (CBI) claims would be handled by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the New Toxic Substances Control Act (New TSCA). The 2016 update to the Toxic Substances Control Act added a new requirement that manufacturers routinely justify their need for that chemical information to be kept confidential. The statute requires the EPA to review all claims that a chemical's identity ... read more >
August 28, 2017
Lynn L. Bergeson Quoted In Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report Article “Paper Waste Spurs Testing of Low-Cost Carbon Fiber for Products”
On August 28, 2017, Lynn L. Bergeson, President of The Acta Group (Acta®), was quoted by the Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report discussing Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) regulatory concerns for carbon fiber with a lignin. Since the lignin-PAN carbon fiber under development does not yet involve the use of carbon nanofibers, Washington State University's Ahring said the product will not require clearance under [TSCA]. But some worry that the enthusiasm supporting the rapid commercialization of biobased chemicals has gotten out in front of potential regulatory ... read more >
August 23, 2017
Inside EPA Covers The Formation Of B&C’s New “TSCA New Chemicals Coalition”
On August 23, 2017, Lynn L. Bergeson, President of The Acta Group (Acta®) and Managing Partner of Acta affiliate Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®), was quoted by Inside EPA in the article “New Industry Coalition Launched On TSCA New Chemicals Review Issues.” For further information on joining the coalition, call or e-mail Lynn L. Bergeson at 202-557-3801 or Bergeson & Campbell, a law firm that specializes in chemical industry issues, is creating a coalition of companies to craft uniform comments to EPA on industry ... read more >
August 16, 2017
Scientific American Quotes Lynn L. Bergeson Regarding EPA’s New Framework Rules for TSCA
On August 16, 2017, Lynn L. Bergeson, President of The Acta Group (Acta®), was quoted by Scientific American in “Trump’s EPA May Be Weakening Chemical Safety Law.” The [U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)] and industry leaders dispute that the framework rules undermine [the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)]. “I thought they were clearer, cleaner and more focused,” says Lynn Bergeson, a lawyer whose firm Bergeson & Campbell specializes in chemical issues. She adds the new rules will result in a “better use of EPA ... read more >
August 15, 2017
Lynn L. Bergeson Quoted In “EPA TSCA Guide May Give Industry New Strategies For Risk Evaluations”
On August 15, 2017, Lynn L. Bergeson, President of The Acta Group (Acta®) was quoted by Inside EPA discussing how new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) risk evaluation guidelines may impact industry. “My sense is that if you have a promising chemical product and wish to get it through the risk evaluation process sooner rather than later, considering this option makes sense,” Lynn Bergeson, managing partner of environmental law firm Bergeson & Campbell, tells Inside EPA. “You control the timing, and might have a better line of sight on agency ... read more >
August 11, 2017
“TSCA Hot Topics: Inventory Notification and Strategies for Complying, and Update on Section 5” Webinar Brings Together Industry and EPA to Talk New TSCA
Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. (B&C®) is pleased to announce that the materials and recording from the “TSCA Hot Topics: Inventory Notification and Strategies for Complying, and Update on Section 5” webinar are now available for download. This complimentary webinar, co-hosted with Bloomberg BNA, was presented by a panel including Dr. Jeff Morris, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and former EPA officials and seasoned regulatory professionals who engaged in a lively discussion on: Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Section 5 Inventory notification reporting ... read more >
August 10, 2017
Lynn L. Bergeson Quoted in Chemistry World Article “EPA Clears Chemicals Backlog”
On August 10, 2017, Lynn L. Bergeson, President of The Acta Group (Acta®), was quoted by Chemistry World regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “announcement that it has ‘eliminated’ the logjam of 600 new chemicals undergoing review” under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Lynn Bergeson, a managing partner with the Washington, DC-based law firm Bergeson & Campbell that advises chemical companies about regulatory compliance, is enthusiastic about the developments. ‘This means that those new chemical notifications that ... read more >
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