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May 20, 2014

Alliance for Chemical Nomenclature’s Efforts Noted in Bloomberg BNA Story

The ACTA Group

Kathleen M. Roberts was quoted in an article in Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report titled “EPA, Industry Far Apart on Agency Stance on Listing Mandate for Chemical Fractions.” “Kathleen Roberts, a vice president
with Bergeson & Campbell Consortia Management (BCCM), said the biobased and petroleum-based chemical manufacturers she works with through the Alliance for Chemical Nomenclature she manages would like to avoid a fight. Companies are genuinely confused when it comes to naming some UVCBs, she said. The EPA’s guidance on naming such chemicals makes clear the agency’s expectation that the names be as specific as possible, Roberts said. As a matter of practicality, however, when companies see a chemical identity on the TSCA inventory that appears to match what they make, they use that identity, she said. Roberts was among many individuals working on behalf of chemical manufacturers who made similar arguments soon after Kelley’s announcement in 2013.”