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December 1, 2015

Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report Quotes Lynn Bergeson On Proposed Swedish Nanomaterials Reporting Rule

The ACTA Group

The December 1, 2015, Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report article “Swedish Agency Proposes Nanomaterials Reporting” included quotes from Lynn L. Bergeson.

The proposal is not unexpected, said Lynn Bergeson, managing partner of the law firm Bergeson & Campbell P.C., which has tracked policies for nanomaterials for more than a decade.

Sweden’s National Action Plan, issued Oct. 8, 2013, recommended the creation of an inventory of products on the market that contain nanomaterials, she said.

Based on the limited English information released, “it would appear that the ‘reporting’ requirement that the Swedish Chemicals Agency has proposed could inadvertently unfairly target nanomaterials contained in chemical products as posing risks,” Bergeson said.

“If the aim of the proposal is to improve knowledge about the presence of nanomaterials in commerce in Sweden, it is questionable whether this is the best or only way to obtain this information,” she said. “This seems to be the next chapter in a series of European nanomaterial product ‘inventory’ measures, the results of which are far from clear in terms of eliciting information that is actually useful.”