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May 2, 2018

Bloomberg Environment Article “EPA Chemical ‘Rule’ Flouts Law, Ignores Risks, Critics Tell Court” Includes Comments By Lynn L. Bergeson

The ACTA Group

On May 2, 2018, Bloomberg Environment quoted Lynn L. Bergeson, President, The Acta Group (Acta®), regarding a brief filed by NRDC challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) New Chemicals Framework document.

The NRDC’s brief did a good job buttressing its argument that the EPA’s framework warranted public notice and comment, Lynn L. Bergeson, managing partner of Bergeson & Campbell, P.C., said.

“Not every such procedural challenge is a winner, but this one at least should be taken seriously,” said Bergeson, whose Washington law firm manages the TSCA New Chemicals Coalition, a consortium of chemical manufacturers.

NRDC’s assertion that the agency violated the law’s requirements for new chemicals was less persuasive, she said.

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