Odeth Yalcin


Odeth Yalcin has been an integral part of Acta's team for 20 years. Odeth’s familiarity with our clients, friends, and service providers is an essential component to the firm’s day-to-day functioning. Odeth’s many administrative responsibilities include creating and processing letters, memoranda, and other communications to clients and others, ensuring all firm supplies are obtained, assisting with the firm’s billing protocol, assisting with opening new client matters in the firm’s software platform, managing bank deposits, maintaining the firm’s extensive client and friends database, collaborating with other firm professionals to meet client needs, addressing all needs pertinent to meetings within the office, and otherwise ensuring client needs are satisfied.

B&C, Acta, and BCCM provide a full range of global support for the commercialisation of chemicals, biocides, and products of industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology.

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