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January 16, 2014

US Chemical Leak Refocuses Attention on TSCA Adequacy

The ACTA Group

Lynn L. Bergeson was featured in a Chemical Watch article on the January 2014 chemical spill near Charleston, West Virginia, that also featured comments from California Congressman Henry A. Waxman, ranking member of the Committee on Energy and Commerce: “The spill ‘provides a textbook example of what’s wrong with [TSCA],’ says Lynn Bergeson of the law firm Bergeson and Campbell. ‘The paucity of information is the sticking point,’ she says, adding that public officials need access to more data than is currently available.

“Meanwhile, the spill is expected to play into efforts in Congress to reform TSCA, with the Senate already considering a bill, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act, and legislation expected this year in the House. ‘As we begin to consider ideas to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act, it is critically important that we understand how the law allowed a potentially harmful chemical to remain virtually untested for nearly 40 years,’ says Mr Waxman. ‘We should not have to wait for a major contamination event to learn the most basic information about a toxic chemical in commerce.’ “